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Why media monitoring is important to governments and public administrations?

The acceleration of digital transformation has made it possible to spread information faster than ever. When it comes to governmental issues, it is one of the most frequently discussed topics, as people would instantly share their opinions.

Tracking many topics and mentions across different sources becomes a challenge for ministries and government institutions, as they must be attentive to public opinion, not only at the local level, but also at a global level, and get a full picture of the way they are being presented in media channels across the globe.

This made it a priority for the top management in government organizations to look for a media monitoring tool that can recognize topics discussed by the public, deliver a better communication plan, and build a reputation in the community.


What is Media Monitoring and Analytics?

Media monitoring and analytics system is a web-based software to track, gather, and organize mentions across the media including websites, broadcast, and social media channels.

It is a smart solution to analyze who is saying what, where, and which key messages have the most influence on public opinion. This data can be an integral part of any government communications plan.

The system includes artificial intelligence technologies to support top management and decision makers to generate advanced reports and gain exclusive insights for better future planning.


How Media Monitoring and Analytics System works?

Monitor Media from Different Sources

Monitoring must include more than just text mentions, as today images and videos dominate the media. An advanced monitoring system can track media from different channels, such as TV, radio, news agencies, social media, website, RSS feeds, and prints.

Create Structured Content for Better Media Management

An advanced system can transform unstructured data into structured content by using features like real-time speech recognition, translation, named entity recognition, instant notifications for keywords of interest, media search, and sentiment analysis.

The system also indexes content using its metadata such as date, category, and keywords. It automatically archives and classifies the content to make it easier to search and retrieve any old content.

Media Mining and Analytics

After collecting data from several sources, the media mining tools accelerate the process by examining large amounts of data and quickly identifying relevant information, enabling analysts to extract actionable information.

Generate Rich Reports and Gain Deep Insights

Incorporate data visualization, mapping, and email alerts in the system to track selected top influencers and trending subjects, analyze opinions, and generate reports. This will help you gain real-time insights in order to make more strategic decisions and develop a better future plan.


Why is it Important for Government Institutions?

Communicate Better with the Public, Governments, and Countries  

Government organizations can identify which issues should be prioritized according to public opinion. This enables communication departments to tailor messages that are both compelling and informative to the public. Moreover, it helps improve communication strategy not only at a local level but also globally to make better declarations.

Maintain Reputation and Perception

By auto-tracking public opinion, you can respond carefully to increase your transparency, authenticity, and positive relationships, thereby gaining a better reputation. The system monitors media internationally in order to know what position other countries are taking against you, helping to develop an effective reputation management plan and to be proactive, rather just reactive.

Mitigate the Risk

Media analytics system can identify countries, governments, and key influencers, what they are saying, and how their message is received by the public, in order to identify potential crises at an early stage and mitigate damage through a quick and intelligent response.

Plan for a Better Future

Government and public administration can utilize the data provided by the system to stand as a rationale for government decisions to implement more informed communications strategies and leave a positive impact on both public opinion and international relations.


One Complete Solution for Monitoring, Advanced Search and Media Analytics

If you are looking for a comprehensive Media Monitoring, Management, and Analytics solution, Fileworx system is what you need.  Utilizing the latest AI technologies in the media industry, Fileworx covers your entire media cycle, including content capturing and management, data mining and analysis, archiving and retrieval, all from one fully integrated suite.

Fileworx system supports top management and decision makers to generate advanced reports and gain exclusive insights, analysis, and commentary on different issues for better future planning.

The Intelligent software platform from Fileworx enables improved access and navigation to data while pinpointing key audiences and rapidly converting media target keywords or discussions into interactive reports, with easy access to dashboards and reports from PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

With a long and solid presence in the Middle East, Fileworx solutions are being used today by more than 2000 satisfied users in KSA, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, and many other countries.

Whether you are a governmental institution, public administration, ministry, royal court, or a presidential office and would like to have one complete solution for advanced monitoring and media analytics, contact us today.