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Why Media Monitoring and Management solution is important for news agencies?

The news publishing cycle requires urgent actions for breaking news and to be on the top of the industry. However, you might find yourself struggling throughout the day to finish the job because of the lack of content management team members and processes as well as the high cost of hiring new employees to take care of some tasks that might be replaced with automated solutions.

Media monitoring is not a new practice. It is widely known as the practice of checking the news for mentions of a specific topic or keyword as it appears in the different media platforms be it print, online or broadcast (i.e., radio and television). However, people consume media differently these days and the Internet has become the most important information carrier. So, it started to include tracking mentions in social media (and the web in general).

As part of the evolution, the media monitoring and management products developed throughout the years to serve news agencies. With the advancement of technology, the process is no more manual; it is automated. So, next, we will examine why it is important for every news agency to have an advanced media monitoring and management solution.

5 Benefits of Using Media Management Solution for News Agencies


1. Digitize your process

With ongoing developments in technology, it is now possible to automate the news publishing industry and run the approval cycle easily in one place. You can capture audio and video content from different sources, such as satellite channels, before editing them as well as editing the text, thanks to the built-in editor with advanced editorial capabilities. In other words, you can manage content easily in one application and hit the publish button whenever your story is ready, so you are in full control of your news publishing.

2. Easy access with integrated storage management

All your content files can be stored in one location for quick retrieval, and you can access them easily from a web and mobile application. The search function gets easy with advanced options (filters) because you have all your media assets in one system. On top, you won’t face issues with your internet connection because top media monitoring tools support multi-quality media streaming. Meanwhile, security is key and is granted in the system.

3. Real-time media intelligence

You need the news as it breaks. That is why media monitoring and management tools offer you real-time alerts and instant notifications for keywords of interest for you to get the information and publish the news right away. Remember! In today’s social media feeds, if something happened last night, it is old news if it gets published 10 am in the morning. With the news cycle running 24/7, content overload can be unavoidable. These alerts can filter the noise, so you won’t miss important news.

4. Hi-Tech and Artificial Intelligence (AI) implementations

Other than the real-time notifications, a media monitoring system can be empowered with advanced AI functionalities, such as automatic translation and sentiments analysis (i.e., positive vs. negative). Other advanced functionalities include real-time speech recognition, translation and dictation to name a few. The system can be easily integrated with other modules for a comprehensive management platform, with an option to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Word, for example.

5. Cross-platform monitoring

Media monitoring and management solutions can include social media monitoring which can be personalized to meet your business needs. You can monitor and track your selected top social media influencers that control the public opinion. You can find about trending subjects, analyze people’s opinions, and generate targeted reports from raw data. You can as well monitor people’s sentiments, interests and feedback across the different social media channels (including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and others). All to inspire your next headline with speed and accuracy.

A Leading Comprehensive Solution to Manage All Your Media Assets with Advanced AI Technologies

If you are looking for a comprehensive media monitoring and management solution, Fileworx system is what you need. With a solid presence in the Middle East, Fileworx solutions are being used today by more than 2000 satisfied users in KSA, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, and many other countries.

Fileworx is an automated media monitoring and management solution that can help news agencies publish stories as quickly as possible. Our product has been helping news agencies publish news as they happen because of our compressive services, which include Media Management and News Management for example. We are the first Arabic speaking platform with user-friendly products that can be customized for your business purposes.

With our application, you can manage your valuable media content easily through its whole life cycle. The system is empowered with advanced functionalities, and it can be easily integrated with other modules to shape a comprehensive management platform. Above all, it can help you save time and time is money.

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