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Top 5 AI features of a smart Media Management and Analytics solution

With the flood of content coming from different media channels, it has become quite challenging for government institutions to track all mentions and topics in order to effectively communicate and respond. Hence, the need to digitalize this process becomes greater because manual processes may not be efficient in this case.

With the help of a smart media solution, governmental organizations can promptly identify trends and topics discussed both locally and internationally, and thus quickly respond with a crisis communication plan and key messages to maintain their reputation. The media system can generate a media coverage summary report which helps them make quick decisions as necessary.

One of the essential features of a modern media management and analytics tool is artificial intelligence (AI), which can offer insightful data and exclusive reports, enabling an informed decision-making process which in turn will improve future planning. In this article, we will explain AI and its importance to organizations in detail.


What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Why Is It Important in Media Management?

Artificial Intelligence is defined as the ability of a machine to think and act rationally like humans and to perform tasks quickly without being expressly instructed. To explain, a modern AI media management system can collect media content through its own sensors, process it and respond accordingly to achieve a specific goal. AI systems can even adapt their behavior after analyzing the effects of their previous actions.

AI is important because it is the heart of the media analysis process. AI functions and analyzes data with ease, while reducing the costs through automation. Following: we will explore the top 5 features of a modern AI-powered media solution.


Top 5 AI Features of a Smart Media Management and Analytics Solution


Sentiment Analysis for Social Media

AI can analyze the sentiment of key messages. You can easily track any keyword you want and find if the mentions are positive, negative or neutral. As such, you can quickly find what the public say and meet their needs, so you can protect your reputation before it turns into a PR crisis.

Automatic Speech Recognition or Speech-to-Text

A smart media system can identify spoken words and convert them into readable text. However, a smart media software has limitations as it can only identify words and phrases that are spoken clearly. This AI feature can definitely speed up the media processes with minimal human intervention.

Text Intelligence and Analysis

A media management system that is powered with AI can help you dig into your data in order to find hidden patterns and correlations. It can automatically identify or extract entities (any keyword you want like an event or location). It enables you find out trending people, entities, and places, giving an insight on hot news in order to make insightful decisions.

Machine Translation

The advanced AI features of a media management system allows it to produce automated translations. It can monitor foreign media sources and the content will be automatically translated into your mother language. You do not need to hire dedicated translators anymore because the system can offer cross-language-search function.

Face Recognition

A facial recognition system is a technology that can match and search for a human face. This function allows the system to identify and track the news of certain VIPs or people of interest on the different TV channels or the events photos in the advanced media management and analytics tool.

In addition to automating daily operations, AI helps in making strategic decisions because it can create insightful, exclusive reports from raw analytics data. It is a great tool that can be adapted further to the industry requirements. Other intelligent tools utilize natural language processing (NLP) to include functions such as grammar check, among other services that target enhanced precision and speed in business.

Indeed, adopting a modern media management and analytics tool with AI can help governments save time and cost, increase consistency in operations, and enhance workflow efficiency and flexibility as staff can work anywhere from any device.


One Comprehensive AI-powered Media Management and Analytics Solution

Combining AI technology with the human expertise can create an exceptional user experience and a rewarding work experience. An advanced media system can automate repetitive tasks, giving you plenty of time for you to perform other crucial ones, such as decision making, problem solving, perception, and human communication.

If you are looking for an intelligent media management and analytics system, Fileworx solution is what you need. With its breakthrough advances in AI, Fileworx can manage the entire media process. This includes content capturing and management, data mining and analysis, as well as archiving and retrieving.

Powered with AI, Fileworx manages the whole media cycle to achieve higher rates of accuracy and consistency. It also supports the decision-making process with insightful data and exclusive reports for enhanced future planning.

Fileworx has been serving more than 2000 users in the region, whether they are government institutions, ministries, royal courts, or presidential offices. Contact us today to explore our AI-powered media management solution.