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Top 4 features that governments should have in their Media Monitoring and Analytics System in 2022

Achieving agile operations to control what is being published about your country and government institution across different media channels at both the local and global levels is an essential part of day-to-day operations at governmental media and public relations offices. This requires that you stay up-to-date with happenings to control news dissemination on TV, radio and the different online channels, to monitor the public opinion and resolve any negative sentiments immediately.

Moreover, it is important to manage your content workflow starting from news capturing, to content creation, processing, reporting and archiving. These processes can be overwhelming without a smart media system. In this article, we will discover the key four features that should be in an intelligent media motioning, management, and analytics system in 2022.

Top 4 Features of a Media Monitoring and Analytics Solution for Governments

  1. Track and analyze social media trends and sentiments with advanced social media monitoring tools: An automated media system will help you monitor the public interests, key messages, as well as top influencers and trends across the various social media channels. It can analyze people’s opinions with advanced sentiment analysis and generate custom analytical reports from raw data to help you make more insightful decisions. This will help you understand how your organization is perceived in the media and if your stories create a positive impact (sentiment).
  2. Monitor websites of your choice with a web crawler: An advanced media monitoring and analytics system will include a web crawler – a bot that browses the internet to locate webpages –making it easy for you to search and download web pages and RSS feeds of interest to you based on pre-defined search terms. After you set the criteria, the media solution will automatically download the web pages and save them in an easy way to retrieve them even if the pages were deleted from the website. You can use the advanced search options and key words to generate accurate results and the system will quickly find the top matching webpages.
  3. Take full control of your digital assets with an AI powered media monitoring and management solution: A media solution will help you manage content seamlessly through its different stages. You can automatically capture news content from TV and radio channels where your organization was mentioned so you can edit (if necessary) and distribute. You will be in full control of your content whether it is text, image, audio or video. This automated process will help you store all your digital files in a safe central location for easy and quick retrieval. Not only that, but a modern media monitoring and analytics solution should boost advanced AI functionalities, such as real-time speech recognition, sentiment analysis for social media, and machine translation.
  4. Make informed-decisions with data analytics: An automated media monitoring and analytics software will have a text analytics module to help you extract value from big data to make better decisions. It will help you profile people, topics, and organizations, in addition to generating in-depth statistical and geographical reports to support your institution and have an overview of current events. For example, the platform will provide you with a correlation map – based on shared topics – to indicate where news is hot in a specific region.

One Media Monitoring, Management, and Analytics Solution for Governments

Governmental communication offices need a smooth, customized, digital workflow to manage content and monitor key messages and trends coming from all different channels, including news bulletins and talk shows that are broadcasted on TV, radio, and online channels in different languages from all around the world. Fileworx, the smart media tracking and analytics system can help you automatically manage your whole content cycle, monitor the different media channels including public sentiments and key messages, save and archive webpages of interest even if they aren’t available online anymore, as well as helping you take precise strategic decisions.

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