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Top 3 reasons to automate your events coverage process

There could be many events happening at the same time, and you are required, as a top news agency, to cover these events and circulate news stories about them promptly. Even though your events calendar could be fully booked, you need to share breaking news with your audiences. You need to meet your deadlines with limited resources, edit and publish news as they happen. The solution in this case is to plan your resources in advance and assign them tasks.

Research found that businesses lose up to $1 trillion yearly because of mismanaged tasks. That’s why you need a high-tech event coverage and management system to help you. A smart media system will increase your workflow efficiency, achieve agility in operation, and increase flexibility. To get the most out of the event coverage workflow automation, it is useful to understand exactly what it is and how it works before highlighting the top 3 benefits of automating your event management process.

What Is Event Coverage Automation and How Does It Work?
A modern event coverage and management system is a tool that allows you to identify all the upcoming events that need coverage. You can check your future events on a calendar view and organize them on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, which makes it easy for you to plan your resources in advance to cover future events. It allows you to track progress on current content creation processes and events coverage.

A smart event management system can also notify subscribers about future events, by using the latest IPTC standard (i.e., EventsML) which guarantees efficient information exchange. Furthermore, it can help you make informed decisions and improve future planning with data analytics.


Top 3 Reasons to Digitalize Your Event Coverage Process


Manage your future events coverage and resources easily and efficiently

You can manage your resources and all the important processes from one digital platform. The system can help you figure out which resources are overloaded, so you can distribute the tasks between your different team members equally. This helps you to plan each event coverage in advance by assigning the needed number of resources for each task. You can create and edit events information easily without coding, as well as prioritizing and assigning tasks to reporters, photographers and cameramen, which will enhance collaboration between your team members. The event coverage software will improve communication between the team members, who will receive notifications automatically as you assign tasks to them. 

Publish events with one click

Using an event coverage software is easy as it automates the approval process. You can track the progress of events coverage in real-time, and your team members can report updates and attach relevant content and files (such as photos, videos, text news). A smart event coverage software saves all the documents related to an event as one single media package. This will enable you in the future to easily search for and retrieve the event contents. When you manage your work closely, you can have an outstanding event coverage.

Save time and cost to increase productivity

Automating the event coverage tasks can save you time and cost because it eliminates errors and saves cost on administrative jobs. Automating the procedure will save you time by allocating tasks to the resources and granting approval responsibilities to the right team members. Using an intelligent software, you can move seamlessly from one phase to another without the need to enter data manually again at each phase, which leaves you with plenty of time to manage and plan other important tasks.


One Central Hub for Your Event Management

If you are a news agency looking for an automated solution to cover events and publish event stories efficiently, Fileworx media management system is the one digital platform to manage your events coverage. It can provide you with a seamless event management experience, starting from planning until publishing.

You can create events in a calendar view, edit them, and finally export the event as one package to publish the news. After you assign the event tasks to resources, the system will push email or SMS alerts to notify the users and remind them when the task is due. Users can as well report progress on tasks and attach contents to the relevant event tasks.

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