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Web Crawler

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Fileworx Web Crawler allows media organizations to automatically monitor and download web pages and RSS feeds of interest, thus saving a lot of human effort.

The solution facilitates the search and download of web pages and RSS feeds, by allowing you to define different internet websites and specify the search conditions within each site. The system then downloads the web pages to which the conditions apply and stores them in an easily retrievable manner.

You can perform a filtered search on the downloaded pages to instantly find the top matching pages. You can also quote the page to write associated stories or analysis.

Key Benefits

Save significant time and human effort

Locate desired web pages easily

Extract data from the web that spans multiple pages

Provide advanced search options for more accurate results

Easy archiving and quick retrieval of downloaded pages

High credibility by relating to original web pages even if deleted from web site

Looking for an Automated Way to Manage Your Media Assets?

Whether you're a news agency, governmental institution, royal court, or presidential office looking to capture, monitor and manage your media assets, our news and media management solution has all your needs covered. 

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