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Photo Management

Let Your Photos Tell the Whole Story

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Fileworx photo management solution is one of the core content management modules in Fileworx. It targets your organization's needs for receiving, editing, and timely delivering photos to different users and departments.

The solution allows receiving digital pictures from different sources through different communication channels. The camera-men can also copy their digital photos easily and insert them into the system. The system automatically extracts all meta data like titles and captions that were digitally saved with the photo and use them as searchable fields to index the photo.

Utilizing the built-in photo editor, your photo editors can easily view photos, add notes, and link photos to text stories, or even other photos. For advanced editing, Fileworx allows seamless integration with third party applications like Adobe Photo Shop.

Users can eventually publish the photos along with the related articles through the available channels, including Fileworx subscriber portal for eCommerce operations. And finally photos would be classified and archived for later retrieval.

Key Benefits

Extract captions
and meta data from digital photos

Receive and send pictures via different communication channels

Store all your photos in one location

Locate any picture

Retrieve previous versions easily

Upload, view, and send photos from mobile app or web access instantly

Integrate smoothly with other applications for advanced editing

Link news to photos and transmit them as a multimedia package

Looking for an Automated Way to Manage Your Media Assets?

Whether you're a news agency, governmental institution, royal court, or presidential office looking to capture, monitor and manage your media assets, our news and media management solution has all your needs covered. 

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