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Media Management

Full Control of Your Media Assets

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Our Media Management solution manages your valuable media content easily through its whole life cycle. You can automatically capture audio and video content from different sources such as satellite channels, and then edit and deliver them to the desired destinations. All your files will be stored in one central location for quick retrieval.

The system is empowered with advanced functionalities such as real-time speech recognition, translation, dictation, instant notifications for keywords of interest, media search, and multi-quality streaming to mobile phones and web access. It can be easily integrated with other modules to shape a comprehensive management platform.

Key Benefits

Capture signals according to need (scheduled, continuous)

Advanced search for media, utilizing recognized speech

Easy access through
web and mobile

Supports different media streaming protocols to serve different end user devices

Multi-bitrate streaming at different resolutions to achieve best network utilization

Integrated storage management

Smooth and automated workflow

Built-in editor, with advanced editorial capabilities

Looking for an Automated Way to Manage Your Media Assets?

Whether you're a news agency, governmental institution, royal court, or presidential office looking to capture, monitor and manage your media assets, our news and media management solution has all your needs covered. 

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