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Media Monitoring and Management Functionalities that Royal Courts and Presidential Offices Need in 2022

With the quick spread of information nowadays, it has become imperative for royal courts and presidential offices to be fast and efficient in monitoring news and social media, in order to prevent the spread of negative sentiments among the public. Being agile in your response to the public opinion, complaints, or even rumors can increase your digital diplomacy, as it helps you make informed decisions based on facts and information. Furthermore, the work of the PR and communication department at royal courts or presidential offices requires strategic planning should a political crisis happen.

Now, the question is how would it be possible to integrate all these operations? An automated media monitoring and analytics system can be the answer. In this article, we will preview the advanced media management system functionalities that you need at royal courts and presidential offices in 2022.

Modern Media Management System Functionalities

  • Content monitoring: In order to protect the reputation of the royal family members, you need to keep an eye on trends, key messages, and top influencers to respond promptly to what they say. Without an automated system, it would be difficult to track the hashtags or trends that go viral in different languages every day. Auto-tracking public opinion can be easily done by a media monitoring system which can gather, classify, analyze, and store data to facilitate the job of the PR and communication departments. After the system processes the data, you can prioritize which key messages you need to respond to. As such, you can contain any rumors through a quick and intelligent response.
  • E-archiving of all your digital media assets: An advanced media monitoring system will allow you to archive any type of media content including videos, photos, and documents, so you can classify them into categories which will make it easy for you to access later. The media archiving solution should be able to index the content using metadata such as date, category, and keywords. This will make it easy for you to retrieve content of any type.
  • Data analytics: A modern media monitoring and analytics solution can analyze the key messages that spread online and provide sentiment analysis to understand their impact on the public opinion. Powered with artificial intelligence technologies, a media management system can generate advanced analytical reports to support top management in their decision-making process, because giving them exclusive insights that will help develop a better future plan.
  • Real-time alerts: This functionality is particularly important for the decision-making process and fast response. You can define a number of chosen keywords or phrases to track selected top influencers and trending subjects. Whenever your selected keywords are mentioned, the media automation system will send you an alert. This way, you can easily find all the important news that mentioned your president, king, prince or other members of the royal family, so you can take the proper action quickly.

A Fully Integrated Media Monitoring, Management, and Analytics Solution

Fileworx, the automated media management system, can help you automate all your media management processes so you can seamlessly manage your daily operations and achieve agile digital diplomacy. Fileworx incorporates advanced AI capabilities that will help you automatically monitor and capture different types of media content, including images, news, audio, or video files from different media sources, such as TV or radio stations, websites, and social media. Not only that, but Fileworx can be your digital media assets bank as it will help you archive and classify any type of content in an easy way to search and retrieve.

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