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Interview with Mr. Hani Jaber, Product Manager – Media Analytics

Interview: How governments can overcome the COVID-19 pandemic challenges


The world has been overwhelmed by the COVID-19 pandemic over the past two years, while governments had to take effective measures to ease the situation as much as possible. We spoke with Mr. Hani Jaber, Product Manager – Media Analytics, about the challenges facing governments, their effect on governmental operations, and how to overcome them. Here follows the interview.


  • First, we would like to thank you for this opportunity. And to start, would you please tell us what challenges governments are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Besides the public health situation, governments are currently facing many other challenges, including lockdowns, school closures and lack of online education infrastructure, rising unemployment and economic recovery, vaccination, and many other challenges. Governments had to deal with public discontent, sustain the education systems, and help the private sector continue to operate and sustain jobs. The biggest challenges were how to obtain public feedback and contain people’s objections to some governmental decisions, how to transform the challenges into opportunities while ensuring a successful response during and after the pandemic.


  • How can governments overcome these challenges?

Over the last 2 years, government organizations quickly realigned their resources and efforts in order to focus more on emergent needs. The pandemic showed how important it is to adopt digital transformation to improve government operations while sustaining education, service delivery, and interactions with citizens.

Taking public opinion as an example, and how fast the negative thoughts spread across online channels not only at the local level but also at a global level, governments need to be attentive and agile to respond and take control before content goes viral or becomes a trend. Owning a digital media monitoring and analytics solution can definitely help in similar cases. It is noteworthy to say that top managements in government organizations are now keen to measure and analyze citizens’ sentiments to contain objections and bridge the gap between the government and the public.


  • How media monitoring and analytics works?

In simple words, a media monitoring and analytics system can analyze who is saying what, where, and which key messages have the most influence on public opinion. This data can be an integral part of any government communications plan. As the system includes artificial intelligence technologies, it supports top management and decision-makers to generate advanced reports and gain exclusive insights for better future communication planning.


  • What are the key benefits a media monitoring and analytics system can offer?

Governments need to maintain public and digital diplomacy and protect the reputation of the country. You can imagine how many messages, hashtags, or trends go viral a day. Monitoring public opinion across multiple channels and in different languages can be time-consuming and needs lots of resources. Therefore, automating the process helps governments because a media monitoring system can gather, classify, analyze, and store data. After that, the media office can identify and prioritize which key issues they need to deal with promptly, so they can publish suitable messages that are both compelling and informative to their audiences.

Nowadays, this can be easily done by auto-tracking public opinion. Thus, a media monitoring and analytics system become a necessity to facilitate the process. Not only that but governments can predict potential crises in advance by identifying key influencers through the media management system and monitoring their messages that can influence public opinion. This way, governments can mitigate any damage through a quick and intelligent response.


  • How to select the right supplier for media management and analytics system?

We recommend for governments analyze their needs first to understand which solution can fulfill their goals. Of course, there are many options available in the market. However, we believe that a comprehensive media monitoring and management solution that is AI-empowered is the perfect solution because it has features that will save time and cost, so they can remain focused on other more sophisticated tasks.

A modern media management system can monitor content from different media sources in different languages, and can as well as provide automatic speech recognition, automated translations, text intelligence, and a customizable workflow. It can generate advanced analytical reports to help governments make informed decisions and communication strategies. If you consider these features, then you should find the most suitable media management software for your business.

Our media management solution “Fileworx” provides all these features and more. It also has a powerful classification and archiving system, allowing governments to capture content of any kind – be it text, audio or video – and store it for easy retrieval.


  • How does Fileworx help governments?

Fileworx won the trust of tens of clients all over the world, and many clients at this time of the pandemic because it is a comprehensive media monitoring and analytics solution. The system helped governments in different ways because it can manage the whole media life cycle from capturing to archiving. All content files will be saved in one location for quick retrieval. Fileworx serves as a central media bank and content repository to all different users and departments.

The software can monitor key influencers and people’s sentiments about trends across different social media channels and generate custom reports to make informed decisions and intelligent quick responses, helping governments maintain public diplomacy and protect the country’s reputation.

Our advanced media management system is empowered with AI functionalities, such as machine translation and text analysis, making it easy to capture and extract content about any set of specific keywords. It has been helping our clients around the world to deliver better strategic communication planning as well as operating the day-to-day operations seamlessly. I take this opportunity to call upon governments to use our smart technology to their advantage if they have not already done.