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Royal Courts & Presidential Offices

Monitoring and Analyzing Mass Media is Essential for Presidential Offices and Royal Courts

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One of the essential activities of royal courts is the coverage of important events in the country and abroad. This includes media of various types such as news articles, photos, documents, and videos. Given the importance of this content, royal courts need to archive it electronically in a way that makes it easy to search and retrieve any old content.

Fileworx is a comprehensive solution that empowers royal courts to capture and archive news articles, photos, videos, and documents. Content is classified in the system, with the ability to search and archive any content quickly and accurately.

The media content archiving workflow in Fileworx consists of the following main processes:

  • Media entry into the system, including videos, photos, articles, and document.
  • Classifying and archiving media.
  • Search and retrieval of certain media content.

Fileworx includes an advanced news editor to write and edit news stories. As for documents, the system integrates with optical scanners to scan documents and convert them into electronic documents that are stored in the system. It is also possible to activate OCR feature (Optical Character Recognition) in order to read the text inside documents.

Once the media content is entered into the system, the user can view the media and classify it according to a predefined classifications tree, the system also indexes the content using its metadata such as date, category, and keywords, which facilitates the search process later on.

When external access is required; it is possible for the users to access Fileworx through the mobile application or the web portal wherever and whenever they need.

Why Fileworx ?

One complete integrated system to optimize your workflow

A user-friendly editorial system

Publish and archive all types of events

Sophisticated and customizable workflow

Generate daily analytical reports and trends

Looking for an Automated Way to Manage Your Media Assets?

Whether you're a news agency, governmental institution, royal court, or presidential office looking to capture, monitor and manage your media assets, our news and media management solution has all your needs covered. 

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