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How Presidential Offices and Royal Courts can prevent the spread of negative rumors about the royal family and the country

The main challenge to any communication office at royal courts or presidential offices is to maintain the great image of the royal or president’s family members and protect the reputation of the country.

Therefore, it is crucial to monitor any content that is published on local, regional and global levels round the clock to guarantee only publishing positive breaking news or else to be agile to contain negative news or rumors to achieve the country’s diplomatic goals.

This can be established by adopting a central digital monitoring system in the communication office to capture, classify, archive, and retrieve all the relevant content, news and photos. An advanced media monitoring system can help royal courts and presidential offices to enhance their media management processes and to make informed decisions to improve future planning.

Continue reading the article to explore the benefits of media monitoring and management system.

Key Benefits of Having a Modern Media Monitoring and Analytics System

• Track content about members of the royal family or royal courts and presidential offices

Using a modern media monitoring and analytics system, you can define and set unlimited number of relevant keywords to capture any media content about the royal courts or presidential office that is broadcasted on TV and radio, or published by news agencies on websites, or on social media platforms by key influencers.

By searching for relevant keywords, you can efficiently find important news and relevant social media trends before they go viral. You can track, monitor and keep record of all content types including images, news articles, audio or video files. Therefore, you can keep control, maintain digital diplomacy and the reputation of the country and members of the royal family as well as achieving agility.

• Archive, organize and retrieve all your digital media assets easily

You can save all your old content in one central location (whether it is an image, document, audio or video file). When you store your content, you can classify it for quick search and accurate retrieval. Moreover, due to automated indexing, you will find access and search times extremely fast.

• Receive insights about mentions in the news

A modern media management system will have business intelligence tools to enable you to create a daily summary of all the important news that mentioned your country, president, king, prince or other members of the royal family, as well as other relevant keywords or phrases you set. Not only that, but the system should have real-time alerts to inform you about mentions so you can take the proper action immediately.

Manage All Your Digital Media Assets with One Customized Solution

Royal courts and presidential offices shifted to digitization with the flood of content coming from all different channels and the need to monitor key messages, influencers and trends in all different languages. Fileworx, the automated media management system, is your partner in your journey to success while you are managing your daily operations, so you can stay focused on your mission to serve your country and its people with full dedication and achieve digital diplomacy with agility.

By using Fileworx, you can create and customize your workflow efficiently. With its advanced capabilities, the media system can automatically monitor and capture all different types of media content (such as images, news, audio, or video files) from different news sources, such as TV or radio stations, websites, and social media platforms.
Fileworx can serve as your digital media assets library because you can easily capture any relevant content, archive and classify it in an easy way to search for and retrieve. With pre-set keywords, you can receive real-time alters about news or relevant content as it happens.

As an extra capability that you can bring to your advantage, this automated, customizable process can facilitate publishing news as they happen. With one click, you can push the news across different channels, and you will be able to search and retrieve the content quickly. After publishing the news, you will get analytical reports to improve future planning with data analytics. Moreover, you will have easy access to the media system, Fileworx, through the mobile application or web.

Fileworx has been serving more than 2000 users in KSA, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, and many other countries, whether they are royal courts, presidential office, government institutions, or ministries.

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