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One comprehensive media monitoring, management, and analytics solution to transform your business

Fileworx solution covers your entire media cycle from beginning to end



We are dedicated to providing the best nurturing work environment for our employees where there is always a chance for learning, creativity, and growth.


We offer the best quality in the tech world, where our dedicated team assures customers and businesses are as satisfied as possible with ultimate utilization of technology that is tailored specifically to your needs.


We believe that collaboration is a strong foundation to deliver the best outcomes to our customers, as our employees work hand in hand to understand each customer’s special needs.


We create an encouraging workplace for new ideas and welcome all room for creativity by our employees.

Whether you are a news agency, royal court, or governmental office, Fileworx Comprehensive Media Monitoring, Management, and Analytics System can be tailored to meet your needs; Fileworx helps you monitor, filter, analyze and archive media content, with the ability to share, search and retrieve information immediately.