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AI Innovations in Media Management

Top 4 AI innovations in media management at news agencies

News agencies are undergoing a huge transition due to digital transformation. Technologies like artificial intelligence have substantially reshaped the media industry. Therefore, news agencies need to reconstruct their operations to enhance the news-making process while maximizing news delivery. This can be achieved by adopting the latest media innovations.

From news production to distribution, technology empowers media departments in news agencies to complete tasks in less time and effort, with more efficiency. Furthermore, it can help in increasing subscription rates, reducing costs, and generating more revenue through machine-powered operations. So, what are the top four technologies that can change the way news agencies work? Continue reading to find out.

  1. Speech-to-text technology: With minimal human intervention, this function can help you with media interview transcripts, searching for specific news information within press conferences, podcast episodes, conference presentations, and more. In simple words, this technology can recognize and translate spoken language into text. It is known as speech recognition or computer speech recognition, as well. An advanced media management system can help you process this step easily and can definitely speed up the media processes. It can help you save time thanks to the accurate transcripts in real time. Moreover, it is more cost-effective than acquiring human transcription services.
  2. Natural Language Processing (NLP): Can you imagine a machine being able to understand text and spoken language the same way we do? This is what NLP means. It’s a revolutionary technology that can transform media management, with machine-translation. An advanced media monitoring, analytics and management solution can boost this function, translating any audio or text files into multiple languages for ease of communication. With automatic machine-translation, editors can translate the whole text or selected paragraphs. It can translate any audio or text files into multiple languages. So, it can monitor foreign media and the content will be automatically translated into your mother language.
  3. Sentiment analysis: There are tools that can analyze the emotions associated with social media posts or comments and media clippings. Indeed, AI can help you analyze the sentiments of key messages. So, for example, it can monitor a certain keyword and analyze if the mentions are positive, negative or neutral. This can in turn help manage your reputation online by finding negative reviews and their impact. A media system can help make you more effective and prompt in situations that require urgent attention. Eventually, this can help in improving communications by evaluating the outcome of your plans continuously.
  4. Automation: Yes, there are tedious jobs and tasks that you need to do, although you do not like them because they consume your time while you need to focus on more important or strategic projects. A media management solution can allow media professionals to automate repetitive tasks and enhance collaboration between the media team members. So, for example, it can identify and extract names, places, events and any data from any document, video or audio file. In addition, it can identify upcoming events that require your attention, so you can check them in a calendar view which makes it easy to assign and plan your resources to cover future events. At the same time, it can help you check the progress of tasks as they are done.

Revolutionize your processes with an AI-powered media solution

The AI technologies have a great potential to make work smooth, easy and exciting. It can lead the digital transformation in news agencies. Fileworx media management system is all that you need as it combines all these functions and more. As a top news agency striving to stay on top of everything while reaching people with breaking news on the spot, you can utilize Fileworx for news editing workflow from the moment of capturing news to creating the text through processing until broadcasting. The system can also be used for photo editing and delivery to the subscribed users timely. Not only that, but it can also automatically monitor selected websites, download web pages, and RSS feeds.

Fileworx can also help you monitor social media trends across different social media channels, and edit news content (be it a text, audio or video) with the possibility to integrate third-party solutions seamlessly. Moreover, it can help streamline the processes between reporters, editors, and content publishers so you can publish the news on multi-channels on the spot. With multi-quality streaming, the solution boosts advanced functionalities.

To find out more and benefit from the various possibilities of Fileworx Media Monitoring and Management solution, contact us today.