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3 Reasons Why Royal Courts Need a Digital Media Archiving System

The typical royal court calendar is jam-packed with back-to-back national and international events. During these events, there is a great deal of media coverage, and much of the content generated about the royal court’s activities is of great national interest and importance, making content media management one of the most important tasks of a royal court.

Royal courts must digitally archive this content so that it can be easily searched and retrieved at any time:

  • News
  • Videos
  • Photos & Documents
  • Articles
  • Events

Royal courts, like content-heavy digital experiences and websites, require a robust digital media archiving system to help them address the challenges of managing large amounts of data and content in a wide range of media formats, including video, audio, text, graphics, and still images. They provide simple tools for uploading, viewing, and downloading your files. They also include useful features such as version control, metadata tagging, automatic file naming, and much more.

An ideal archiving system:

  • Allows for easy integrations with critical technologies
  • Provides a user friendly editorial experience
  • Enables you to tailor your workflows
  • Generates custom and frequent reports

Benefits of a Digital Media Archiving System

1. Seamless Photo Management and Archiving Experience

Royal court media and PR teams tend to deal with a massive amount of rich-media content on a daily basis – all needs careful categorization and management. The process and experience can be time-consuming and full of risks that can threaten the integrity of such sensitive material. Technologies such as digital media archiving systems are meant to enhance the jobs that need to be done by your media teams.

The ideal digital media archiving system should enable your media team to:

  • Extract captions and metadata from digital photos
  • Receive and send pictures via different communication channels
  • Store all your photos in one location
  • Locate any picture quickly
  • Retrieve previous versions easily
  • Upload, view, and send photos from mobile app or web access instantly
  • Integrate smoothly with other applications for advanced editing
  • Link news to photos and transmit them as a multimedia package

2. Superior Media Management Workflows

From photos to documents, your team can upload and publish any content automatically based on your custom configurations, helping PR busy marketing teams to reduce their repetitive workloads and tasks:

  • Easily search and retrieve images, documents, and etc. through advanced content indexation capabilities.
  • Automated report generation.
  • Integrated capabilities to enhance the entire workflow optimizing the media management experience for all departments and team members involved.


3. Automated Media Monitoring

Why does media monitoring matter for royal courts?

Royal courts are PR focused organizations and must always have their finger on the pulse of public mood and opinion.

Collecting relevant media content across the web is a strategic activity that must be factored into the royal court’s media management setup.

A typical digital media archiving system wouldn’t feature sentiment analysis and media monitoring solutions – however, in this particular case, royal courts should adopt a digital media archiving solution that features:

  • Advanced text mining
  • AI capabilities that include features such as speech recognition
  • Powerful search capabilities across social media channels
  • Real-time sentiment analysis reporting

We highly recommend finding a technology that already integrates those capabilities and offers them as part of one secure platform.

SEDCO’s Media Analytics system- Fileworx: An optimized media management experience

“One of the essential tasks of royal courts is the seamless management of media content. Royal courts need to archive this content digitally so that it can be easily searched and retrieved anytime.”

Royal courts need a comprehensive solution fully integrated with all the critical technologies needed to fulfill the requirements of their media teams.

Their job is to upload, manage, and retrieve digital assets quickly, securely, and reliably whenever needed – and doing their job is challenging given the massive amount of media content that they need to process everyday.

SEDCO’s Media Analytics solution- Fileworx helps solve that challenge.

From seamless media archiving and management workflows, to AI enhanced social media monitoring capabilities, Fileworx system is tailored for media teams working with heavier loads of media content on a daily basis.

Interested in booking a demo to learn more about SEDCO Media Analytics – Fileworx? Contact us today!